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How to get a Housing Loan for Seaman (2020)

Becoming a homeowner is one of life's biggest accomplishments. Every Filipino has a dream of acquiring a house for their own family. The need for independence and freedom is what fuels this dream.

This dream is the reason why most Filipinos are working hard overseas and away from their families so that they can find greener pastures. Filipino seamen are one of the largest groups of OFWs all over the world. There are an estimated 300,000 Filipino seafarers all around the world. These are brave individuals who take on the sea's challenges to provide the best for their families. The Filipino government recognizes this sacrifice that is why it is doing what it can to support those dreams, one way that the government does this is through the housing loan program: PAGIBIG. Filipino seafarers can avail of this loan and attain their goals while working hard. Here is a comprehensive list of everything that a Filipino seaman might need to secure a PAGIBIG housing loan in 2020: PAGIBIG Documentation Requirements

  • Buyer’s Information Sheet

  • Duly filled-up & signed Pagibig Housing Loan Form (3 Sets)

  • 3 pcs 1x1 ID Picture

  • Verified Tax Identification Number (TIN)

  • Employee Statement of Accumulative Value (ESAV)

  • Birth Certificate. If Married - Marriage Contract

  • Foreign Marriage – Passport Copy of Spouse and 2 Valid IDs with 3 signatures

  • 2 Valid ID’s (Company/Passport/Gov. IDs). Photocopy 3 sets with 3 signatures (If Married, please include Spouse IDs; If OFW, Visa Copy / Resident Identity Card.

  • Photocopy of COEC and Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) from POEA (OFW). If Original of COEC, Provide a Photocopy of Employment

  • A contract from Employer (OFW)

  • Photocopy of Employment Contract (OEC) from POEA with E-ticket (SEAMAN)

  • Online Job- Proof of Income Receipt like converted to Philippine Peso like GCASH/ Paypal/ Bank Statement

  • Latest 2yrs Bank Statement with Bank Certificate (Online & Commission Basis)

  • 2307 and Company Permits (Commission Basis)

  • SPA Pagibig Format Red Ribbon or Notarize SPA Pagibig and Photocopy of Passport with proof of entry and exit in the Country (OFW)

  • Authorization Letter prior to Employment Verification

  • Latest 24 Months Pagibig Contribution; Certificate of Pagibig Contribution or Latest Contribution Receipt

  • Members Data Form (MDF)

For you to have an easier transaction, it is better to get the assistance of the real estate developer before rather than applying for yourself. This is because real estate developers have connections and set arrangements with PAGIBIG offices to make sure that your application will be prioritized. If you are looking for a developer with good track record in PAGIBIG housing loan approvals, then you can check out Bilkenn Corporation. Bilkenn is one of the fastest-growing real estate developers in the Philippines that develops both affordable and luxurious modern houses for all types of families! Bilkenn has on-going projects in Noveleta, Cavite and Quezon City. You can check Bilkenn and the properties that they sold at or through Facebook at To give you an idea, there are only 6 steps to get your dream house:

  1. Inquiry. Contact our Sales Team so that we can assist you in finding the best property for your goal and budget. You can contact us via Facebook (Bilkenn Corporation), Email (, or through this website ( House and Lot Cavite

  2. Tripping. Schedule the time and date with our Sales Team or through accomplishing the appointment form, to visit our project site in Cavite. Our Sales Team will tour you around our house model units, as well as answer all your inquiries. We can provide a Tripping Vehicle to serve as your transportation. If you are currently abroad, then representatives from your family can do the tripping for you. You can also tour virtually! You can go to to walk around all our model units using any device!

  3. Fees Payment. You can pay the Reservation Fee of PHP 20,000 to any Bilkenn Staff or deposit it to our bank account (Bank: Asia United Bank, Account Number: 538-01-0000768, Account Name: Bilkenn Corporation). Request for a Provisional Receipt. This amount is Non-Refundable.

  4. Reservation Agreement. Spend a couple of minutes to review the Reservation Agreement before signing. Take note of the date that you signed the Reservation Agreement.

  5. Documentation. Clients will have a set amount of days to complete the requirements. Please request a Requirements Check List from any Bilkenn staff. It should be noted that failure to submit any of the requirements may terminate the contract and reservation. Our Bilkenn Loan Processing Department will assist you! However, the final assessment that leads to the approval or denial of the loan is up to the financial institutions.

  6. Turnover. We project the completion of the construction of your house within a period of 12 months after full payment of Down Payment / Equity with a grace period of 12 months within which to complete the same unless prevented by “force majeure”.

With this guide, we hope that you have a better understanding of what needs to be done to secure your dream house! We hope to hear from you soon!

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